Saturday, February 4, 2012


Last week was fairly quiet at The Quilted Purl, but the people who visited delighted me.  A lovely woman from the Denver area made yet another return visit and as always, it was a pleasure to visit with Barb.  Though I knew she was a retired nurse, it was only on this visit that I learned she had studied in my neck of the woods - Massachusetts.  It truly is a small world.

Two of my former colleagues also stopped by, one for a lesson and one just to say hello. What a joy to teach Marilyn the first steps in knitting and to reintroduce her friend Mary to the fun of the craft.  Once again, we all shared stories of the women in our past who created wonders from fiber.  The other colleague, Clint, is a math specialist at the school where I taught and his welcome visit with his family brought to mind two young people who had visited the day before.

Holly Priestly, aka Silly Little Lady, in one of her creations.

Last Saturday was cold and windy and the wind blew into The Quilted Purl, Holly Priestly and Trevor Marrs, two extremely talented young people.  The night before I had been knitting a lace neckwarmer and wondering to myself what kind of mind comes up with these patterns?  I decided it had to be someone with a firm grasp of math (hats off to you and your kind, Clint).  Holly (otherwise known as Silly Little Lady) is one such designer.  She patiently explained her method to me, showed me some of her superb work, and confirmed my suspicions about the math connection.  She has recently signed with Malabrigo Yarn to make their sample work and has some of her patterns available for sale, so check out her website.  Her friend, Trevor, is a woodworker who not only makes cabinets but puts his creative talent to work in sculpture, furniture, and jewelry.  Since he also knows how to knit, I bet he could make some gorgeous knitting needles!

Finally, just this morning I spent a few minutes chatting with a woman from Texas who told me of her 95 year old mother who died last year.  However, in her last year on earth she created 13 quilts and 28 afghans!  Simply amazing!

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