Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hats Off!

Bransen and Bryce looking warm and sharp!

     Last week must have been Hat Week at The Quilted Purl.  It was cold and windy in Georgetown for most of the week - perfect weather for knitting and selling hats.  The two handsome young boys above certainly look happy with the hat selections they made while visiting the shop with their mother and their grandmother, my good friend, Pati Palumbo.  Though Pati is brushing up her knitting skills and doing a great job of it, the boys wanted her to "knit quick," so buying seemed the best option!

     Over the course of about ten days, I knitted the hats shown below.  First I started with a pretty teal wool, but by using a set of needles 3 sizes too large ended up with a "Fat Albert" hat.  Even felting wasn't enough to bring it down to a normal size, though it does make a very nice bowl for some skeins of wool.  Then I moved on to the green petal tam (using the right size needles is apparently important), and with an eye to St. Patrick's Day around the corner, I made another green hat, a ruched beret out of Lonesome Stone's Woolie Wonder.  A couple more hats brought me to Friday and a trip down the hill to Denver to have coffee with two friends from graduate school and our professor of 19th Intellectual History.  It was to be a celebration coffee, as the last of us had recently completed a master's degree in history.  Our professor surprised the three of us with the ball cap shown, having them specially made for "The Republic of Letters."  This was definitely the best hat of the week, and one I will treasure always!  Wondering what The Republic of Letters is?  Click here!

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