Saturday, February 4, 2012

January - Come and Gone

Christmas Market fun in Georgetown - don't miss out next year!

Time certainly does fly when you're having fun!  It is hard to believe that we celebrated Christmas over a month ago. Of course, the fact that my grandchildren and I go around town looking for Christmas lights that are still lit and finding them, may contribute to this!  The town took down the festive lights about a week ago and I have hung a Valentine flag outside of the shop to announce the arrival of February.  Time marches on.

January was a quiet month at The Quilted Purl, which allowed me time to spend five wonderful days visiting an aunt, while my cousin and her husband went skiing.  For five days we talked almost non-stop catching up on family, both current and long gone from this world.  What a treat to be able to talk with someone able to create a bridge over time to connect me to my ancestors.  I returned to Georgetown with some new family history, fresh insights of family dynamics, and more stories of the fabric of my family (see  My cousin, unfortunately, caught an edge and returned with a damaged knee that has required surgery and now a six week recuperation and therapy period.  Sounds like a great opportunity to knit!

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