Friday, November 11, 2011

Folks from Near and Far

Yesterday, three women from the Netherlands came to the shop.  After talking for a few minutes and telling them how much I had enjoyed my three visits to their homeland, I figured they would probably be a good topic for the blog - how much I relish meeting new people from such interesting places.  But as the day wore on, the story changed.

A friend from town who is learning to quilt came by for a bit of advice, some new fabric, and eventually, a cup of tea.  While chatting as we drank our tea, we were joined by a young woman who came in to check out the shop.  She told us she was from the midwest but now lived in Denver.  When my friend, Ellen, asked where in the midwest, we were all surprised to hear that she was from the same small town where Ellen had grown up, that Ellen's family had patronized Kate's family gas station, they had both attended the same parish, and that their relatives had been friends growing up.  Kate joined us for tea and told us she is considering a future move to Georgetown.  I, for one, think she would make a fine addition to our town!

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