Tuesday, December 6, 2011


It has been quite a while since I have written, though much has been going on during that time.  Here in Georgetown, Christmas Market's first weekend has come and gone, with the next one is just days away.  This is certainly one of the highlights of Georgetown's calendar and I have been busy for several weeks quilting and knitting in preparation.  A light snowfall added just the right touch, bringing out the beauty of the town in winter and the single digit temperatures held off until Sunday evening.  For me however, the highlight was the arrival of my dear friend from Georgia, Maria Elena, and her daughter and niece.  What fun it was to visit, reminisce, and sew together after all these years apart.  Their visit was truly a gift for me, to be able to sit in the shop with Maria Elena, have a cup of tea, chat, sew, knit, and share tips we have learned during our years of being two thousand miles apart.  There is something so rewarding about having a friend with whom time and distance have no real meaning.  Tomorrow I'll head to the airport to pick up my sister-in-law, Nancy, and share the second weekend of Christmas Market with her.  More fun, sewing, knitting and tea. Definitely, another gift.  I am blessed!

If you haven't been to Christmas Market, you are missing a treat, a step back in time.  Why not come up this weekend?  We'd love to share the town with you!


  1. That's a photo-perspective on your shop I'd not seen before - looks great!