Tuesday, October 4, 2011


       Over the weekend I had a delightful chat with a couple out to view the foliage who happened upon The Quilted Purl.  As we were talking, I mentioned how I have found knitters and quilters to be such friendly folks.  The woman agreed and put it in one word - givers.  How right she was!  So many of the people who have graced my shop are involved in some sort of charity work involving their craft and just about every knitter, crocheter, or quilter is creating for someone else's joy, most of the time.
       Then this morning, the word giver came back to me.  There are two young girls, Nancy and Marysol, who are taking lessons at the shop.  As soon as Marysol learned the basics of knitting, she asked me to help her as she designed and knitted a purse for her mother's birthday and is now working on a quilt for her dad.  Nancy has made pencil holders for friends and has even taught one of her friends how to sew.  At such a young age (10 and 11) both of these beginning crafters are showing that beautiful quality of so many experienced crafters- giver.  

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