Friday, October 14, 2011

Crisp Fall Day

         My brother, an excellent writer and prolific blogger, has gently reminded me that I have not posted for quite a few days.  His blog at A Concord Pastor Comments, is my favorite!

         Were I to choose three "weather" words that delight me, they would have to be "crisp fall day," and we in Georgetown have recently been blessed with a few of them.  The other morning as I walked to the shop, the sun was shining brightly, the breeze teased with the idea of becoming a wind, and there was the thinnest layer of ice on the recently formed rain puddles.  It was too beautiful a morning to let go, so I grabbed my camera and snapped the picture above.  Good thing I did since by five o'clock that afternoon, the temp had dropped, the sun was gone, and our first snow flurries since June made a brief appearance.
        Since that spectacular morning, the weather has continued to remind us we live in the Rocky Mountains and it is October.  The winds blew so fiercely Wednesday morning that when I arrived at the shop, the sign was hanging on by one broken carabineer  and swinging wildly.  Which brings me to today.  Taking advantage of today's bright sunshine, I moved a chair outside the shop door and spent a pleasant afternoon finishing the binding of a wall hanging and knitting a hat.  Meanwhile, ten miles to the west it was opening day at Loveland Ski Area!


  1. Ruthie,

    The talent of being a prolific writer runs in your family ! I know writing is not your favorite pass time, but it is one of your strengths. I have know you many years and I have always been impressed by your coupe de plume abilities!

  2. You are too kind, P. Davis. It is still torture!