Saturday, June 1, 2013

Two Years Later

Anniversary roses from my brother, Austin.  Every woman should be so lucky as to have a brother like him!
Just after I'd set out lemonade and cookies as a little opening celebration (grand doesn't really apply here) on June 1, 2011, I opened the door to The Quilted Purl.  Then I stood around somewhat nervously, waiting.  For those of you who've never been in the shop, you enter a small vestibule then climb 20 stairs, when you are already at an elevation of 8519 ft.  For the first few weeks it was a bit unsettling to me when I could hear people before I saw them, or worse yet, when I didn't hear them and they just quietly appeared upstairs in the shop.

Vestibule and 16 of the 20 steps 

My first customer that day was a woman who'd just flown in from Chicago that morning and suffered from COPD.  By the time she made it up the stairs, her breathing was so labored I thought I'd be greeting the Clear Creek Rescue folks any minute.  Fortunately, I'd placed a rocking chair at the top of the stairs and quickly had her sit and catch her breath while enjoying the lemonade and some water.  She recovered, and made the first purchase at The Quilted Purl.  There are now two rocking chairs there, emergency water, and a bowl of chocolates.  I call it my "recovery station" and it gets a great deal of use.

The Quilted Purl Recovery Station

Over the past two years, I've had the opportunity to meet people from all seven continents and from all walks of life.  Many of those who make it up the stairs have a story to tell.  The two antique sewing machines I have (thank you Linda and Karen) seem to evoke the past for most visitors to the shop.  As a former history teacher, this delights me.  So many folks have fond memories of a mother, grandmother, aunt, great-grandmother, or some other loved one knitting or quilting.  That they want, or even need, to tell me their memory honors me.   It never fails to amaze me how wonderful most people are and how fortunate I am to meet them.

So, year three for The Quilted Purl begins.  Many thanks to all who have supported and encouraged me over the past two years, especially my husband, Bob.

What's new at The Quilted Purl?  How about these beautiful skeins of Mountain Colors Twizzle in their 5 new colorways!  Come by, climb the 20 stairs, rest for a few minutes, have a chocolate, and then tell me your story!

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