Friday, May 31, 2013

The Open Road

I love my work!  What fun to be able to knit, quilt, listen to music, watch the happenings at Library Park, and meet the delightful and interesting folks who add an extra 20 steps to our already high elevation of 8519 feet and make it up to The Quilted Purl.  Pamela and Kirk Rasch are two such people.  

It was a quiet morning on Wednesday when Pamela and Kirk came by hoping to repair a broken chaps belt.  My sewing machines aren't industrial strength, but with a little thread, needle, and thimble, all was well in no time.  In our short visit, I learned that Kirk and Pamela were taking a break from Kirk's work on the plains of Colorado for a little anniversary trip on their motorcycles.  

Happy Anniversary Pamela and Kirk!  Hope to see you at The Quilted Purl again sometime and safe travels!

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