Saturday, January 5, 2013


It may be that I'm not much of a long term planner, but New Year's Resolutions aren't a big part of the start of a new year for me.  I'm more of a day at a time person I guess, but I do enjoy reading others' thoughts and lists.  McCall's Quilting on Facebook asked this week for quilters to post their top quilting "resewlution."  No surprise, the most common was to complete a UFO or Phd (unfinished object or project half done). When I opened The Quilted Purl, I made a decision (resolution?) to have no more than one knitting project and one quilting project in the works at any one time and I have stuck to it with great success.  With new fabric and yarn coming in all the time, that rule allows me to try new materials without a nagging guilt of work undone.  Give it a try!

Over at the Lion's Brand blog last week, a post made a repeat appearance and for anyone who has put organization on her list of New Year's Resolutions, there is certainly a good tip or two. Click here.

Mansha Friedrich of Germany ~ source:

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