Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Falling Into Autumn

Fabric: Moda's Autumn Breeze by Sentimental Studios
Leaves: A beautiful gift from God!

I take a walk most mornings and generally follow the same route, heading first up to Main Street, which in Georgetown is a dirt road in the shadow of Saxon Mountain.  The last few mornings have been cool, bordering on chilly, until I hit the sunshine on Rose Street.  Though it's still August, there's definitely the feeling of fall in the early morning air.  Just the other day I came upon these harbingers of autumn and since it's my favorite season, I was delighted.  Nothing like a crisp fall day to make a person want to knit or quilt.  Right now, I'm working on a scarf knitted with Mountain Colors Twizzle in Blooming Gale and have plans to start on a quilted throw using Moda's Collection for a Cause: Warmth, designed by Howard Marcus.  A percentage of the proceeds from quilt shops' purchase of the Collection for a Cause fabric goes to charity. The current "cause" is Habitat for Humanity - how appropriate for Warmth! What do you have in mind for the coming season?

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