Tuesday, June 12, 2012

World Wide Knit in Public Day at TQP

Thanks June, Sandi, and Marisol!  Three locals who make my day whenever they come by!
Yesterday, June 11th, was World Wide Knit in Public Day, though I only found out about it late Friday afternoon. Trying to think of how The Quilted Purl might celebrate, my eyes spotted the basket I keep for the small balls of yarn that I have after finishing a project. I remembered a visitor to the shop telling me about a scarf that had become popular in her part of the country, made entirely of leftover yarn.  This seemed like a quick, easy, and doable activity to mark the day.  But what to do with our finished product?  Saturday, I was reminded of an upcoming craft fair in neighboring Idaho Springs in support of a future Habitat for Humanity home to be built there.  Perfect!

I am declaring the day a success judging by the amount of fun I had, but let me know what you think!
Thanks Pati, Marleen, Judy, Karen, and Linda!
These five happy women are all former colleagues of mine, now retired from the education field.  Seems retirement is agreeing with them the way it does with me!  They pitched right in with the knitting in true teacher fashion, differentiating instruction, making accommodations, working collaboratively, and giving positive reinforcement.  In fact, when we found a couple of dropped stitches from the never-knitted-before group, let's call them the Bluebirds, we decided they were just making lace!
Marilyn from North Dakota - thanks for stopping by, for your time, and your business!  Enjoy your vacation!

Sonny and Donna
This mother and daughter team came by early in the evening, but as the weather had turned cool, we had moved inside.  Sonny was my student a few years ago, and though she has never knitted before, she still has the desire and ability to learn that she demonstrated back in the eighth grade.  Sonny has just graduated from high school with a  great GPA, was named Athlete of the Year, and is headed on to University of Nebraska on a golf scholarship.  All that, and now she can knit!

To add to the World Wide aspect of the day, I want to thank Nicki, formerly from England, who stopped by and knitted for awhile while her visiting nephew Tyler patiently watched, though we could not convince him to give it a try.  Finally, a delightful woman from Israel, Mimi, came by. Enjoy your tour of our country, Mimi, and thanks for making The Quilted Purl a stop on your adventure!

While young Marisol in the top picture was working to in a small way make a home possible for others, her family condo in Georgetown was, unbeknownst to us, going up in flames.  Fortunately, no one in the eight families affected by this fire was injured, but  my heart and the hearts of the people of Georgetown go out to them all.

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