Friday, June 22, 2012

Sewing Up the Trip

Wool Cottage at Bunratty Folk Park

Since the name of my shop is The Quilted Purl, you may have wondered why I have not posted anything about visits to fabric shops on my recent European trip.  Simple answer - I didn't visit any.  Over the last year many folks from Europe, and especially the British Isles, have stopped by the shop.  The most common comment has been how much more selection we have in the United States for fabric and how much lower our prices are (doesn't seem possible, does it at $10-12 per yard?).  Consequently, I spent my time on the yarn search instead.  However, fabric was never far from my thoughts, so you may enjoy these pictures of items that kept thoughts of fabric and sewing threading through my mind.
Fiber and Weaving from Newgrange Stone Age Passage Tomb,  Co. Meath, Ireland

Quilt from Dunguaire Castle, Co. Galway, Ireland
Date unknown

Weaving Loom at Avoca Woolen Mills,  Co. Wicklow, Ireland

Next post - sewing machines I saw and loved!

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