Friday, May 11, 2012

Looking for Yarn - Part Two: Royal Yarn

Cornwall Countryside
Palm Trees in Cornwall

   Our next port-of-call was Falmouth, England where we picked up an excursion to Cornwall, enjoying the beautiful countryside along the way.  Because of the influence of the Gulf Stream, the climate of Cornwall (located at approximately the same latitude as Calgary, British Columbia) is not what you may expect, but warm days and mild nights allow palm trees and tropical plants to flourish.  And, of course, sheep!

Village of Polperro Shops
Bay at Polperro

Wool from Cornwall - Duchy Wool on right
   In the small village of Polperro, noted throughout  its history as a smugglers' haven, I found a yarn shop called The Coombes.  When I asked the proprietor about locally produced yarn, he showed me some DK weight yarn produced from sheep being raised within three or four miles of the shop.  Apparently, beyond this distance he did not consider it truly local, but he also showed me some lovely yarn from the Duchy of Cornwall.  The Duchy of Cornwall is one of two royal duchies in England (the other is the Duchy of Lancaster) and is the estate of the Duke of Cornwall, more commonly known as Prince Charles.  With a couple of beautiful skeins in my bag, I was on my way.  Next port: Le Havre, France.

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  1. Such an amazing journey, filled with wonderful stories to share! Looking forward to more blog posts!