Monday, May 28, 2012

Belgian Chocolate? I'd Rather Have Their Lace!

A canal in Brugge
    Our last stop on this wonderful vacation was in Brugge, Belgium before our flight home from Brussels. We had access to the internet, so my husband found me a yarn shop in the picturesque old city.
Scharlaeken Handwerk


Inside Scharlaeken Handwerk

Clock Tower, Brugge
Brugge" Centrum"
   Unlike my favorite yarn shop in Ireland, (Vivi Trading Co.) which had been open for less than a week, Scharlaeken Handwerk has been in business at the same location and owned by the same family since 1798 (in 1798, our U. S. Constitution has only been in effect for 10 years!).  The gentleman I met, Mr. J. Vandenweghe was a gracious and knowledgeable shop owner.  I appreciated his honest answer when I asked for locally produced yarn, that though some of his selection may have had its start in Belgium, the processing of the raw material most likely took place in many locales out of the country.  We had an interesting chat amidst the yarn, embroidery fabric, floss, and lace-making supplies.  Though lace-making is one demanding and precise form of handwork I have no intention of pursuing, I did purchase a small collection of the lace-making bobbins he had available.
Lace Bobbins
A Lace Maker in Brugge

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