Thursday, March 29, 2012

Need a Nap?

Today I taught a lesson on making pillowcases and found a wonderful website in preparation for the class.  We made the pillowcases using the "tube method" and in addition to being easy, it was fun.  In order to have a sample, I made a pillowcase for each of my grandchildren and I think both my major Thomas the Tank Engine fan and my own little "Princess of Quite a Lot" will love the results.

The pattern calls for 1/4 yard for the "cuff" and 3/4 yard for the case, but you can make it in other sizes as I did with the Thomas one.  As I was short of fabric, I did a bit of patching and made it smaller than called for, though I believe it will serve for a nap just as well.  In less than two hours, I have made two pillowcases and taught the lesson, so this is a keeper!

If you decide to make one, or more, send a picture so we can see the results!

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