Friday, July 12, 2013

Four Pieces of Wood

Generally, I follow the same route on my morning walk which means that I pass these trees several times a week. They're by the side of the road, not hidden in any way, but I had never noticed them until about a week ago and then only because my grandson, Austin, pointed them out to me.  He  told me there was an old ladder there - and, sure enough, there is.  Well, really only four pieces of wood, but arranged so they could be a ladder. 

A few days later, my husband and I were driving Austin and his sister, Ruby, home.  As we approached the trees, Austin called out for Grandpa to stop the car to see the ladder.  Then our grandson told us a delightful story of how a fox had built a tree house up above but that both the fox and the tree house were now long gone, with just the ladder as a reminder of the fox's fun there.

I wish I could think as a five-year-old...

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