Thursday, October 25, 2012

To Market, to market to buy a fat...

I'm off to market tomorrow, but hopefully will be buying a fat quarter rather than a fat pig!  In fact, I hope to buy many, many fat quarters in addition to checking out the best and latest in the quilt world.  The International Quilt Market in Houston, I read today, is the largest in the world.  This will be my second trip to the market and if last year is any indication, it should be terrific.  Not only will I have the fun of the Market, but my sister-in-law Nancy will meet me in Houston and the two of us will spend the weekend with my cousin Rosemary and her husband Tom.  Family, fun, and quilts  - doesn't get much better than this!


  1. Hi Ruth, I was thinking about you, wondering if you came down to Houston for the quilt festival.... I have had two wonderful weeks here, flying back to Norway this evening, hope you had a good trip too!

  2. I did go to the Quilt Market/Festival and had a fantastic time, seeing all the new fabric, notions, and learning new ideas. Hurricane Sandy must have had an effect as there seemed to be fewer people there this year. On the plus side of the hurricane, my sister-in-law was unable to get back to Boston, so we had a few more days to visit and sew back in Georgetown at The Quilted Purl! I hope your trip back to Norway was smooth and that you will stop in again if you ever find yourself in Colorado!