Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Termination or Anticipation?

Termination Dust - Alaska

On my recent travels in Alaska, I learned a new term, "termination dust."  As we made our way on the Yukon and White Pass Rail Road to the Yukon Territory in Canada, our guide announced that termination dust had fallen over night, the first of the season.  The mountains were capped with a light dusting of snow signaling the end of the summer season and the coming "termination" of summer employment for many.

This morning as I turned the corner on to 7th St., I saw our own termination dust on one of the many mountains surrounding our valley.  But with 2.5 inches of snow yesterday at the Loveland Ski Area just 10 miles up the road whetting appetites for ski season, perhaps we should call it anticipation dust!

Anticipation Dust - look closely !

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