Saturday, April 6, 2013

From East to West...

I'm pleased to announce that The Quilted Purl now carries six lines of yarn from Green Mountain Spinnery, the only shop in Colorado to do so, I believe.  The Green Mountain Spinnery story is as interesting as their yarn is beautiful.  Click on the link to read about their cooperative and be sure to take the virtual tour of their operation.  As a former history teacher, I'm especially impressed with the fact that they're still using a machine built in 1896!  Fantastic!

I'm very excited to be able to support American producers of wool and manufacturers of yarn and to offer it to my customers.  Check out the new yarns here or better yet, come by to see and touch them in person!

Alpaca Elegance
50% New England Alpaca 50% Fine Wool DK weight

Sylvan Spirit
50% Fine Wool/50% TENCEL Lyocell combine to make a soft yarn with a satiny sheen. DK weight

New Mexico Organic
100% Fine Wool grown in New Mexico & Certified Organic by the NM Organic Commondity Commission. Processing Certified Organic by Vermont Organic Farmers  DK weight

Mountain Mohair
30% Yearling Mohair and 70% Wool Worsted Weight

Cotton Comfort
80% Fine Wool/20% Organic Cotton combines the pure softness of organic cotton with the
elasticity and delicacy of fine wool.      DK weight

And Finally...Yarn Over

Yarn Over Red
Carded wool & mohair left from a range of Spinnery dye lots is blended to create "once only" muted colors.
Heavy worsted weight

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


On January 1, 2013, I didn't know how to knit socks and if you've been following this blog, you know that I didn't much care.  However, I'd decided to expand my knitting horizons and socks were at the top of the list.
Mountain Colors Crazyfoot

As of April 1st, I'm working on my ninth pair of socks, making my way through the yarns in the shop to determine which work well for sock knitting.  Since it's important for me to be able to make recommendations, 8 of the 9 pairs of socks have been for me so I can judge the comfort, fit, and washability.  I really do have the perfect job, don't I?  The 9th pair went to my son for his birthday with washing instructions and the warning that failure to follow them will result in socks for his wife!
Lonesome Stone Alpaca Tracks

So, the results... haven't found a yarn in the shop yet that I don't love for socks!  An unexpected result: sock knitting can be fattening!  I didn't really think of quilting as an athletic activity, but there is a fair amount of jumping up and down from the sewing machine to the cutting table or ironing board.  Sitting for eight hours a day knitting socks doesn't burn calories, so I'm back to quilting during the day and knitting at night.  Be forewarned ~ your fingers moving as you knit do not burn many calories!
Universal Yarns Instant Print
Mountain Colors Bearfoot
Mountain Colors 4/8s Wool
Mountain Colors Twizzle

I'd like to take credit for the "Sockupied," but I'm not that clever.  Interested in some knitting patterns for socks?  Follow this link: "Sockupied".
Lonesome Stone Mountain Feat